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We provide all kind of rental service like camera equipment, laptop, LED TV, Projector, Car, Pickup, Helicopter, Light, CCTV, Generator and more.

Camera Equipment rent

  • Full Camera Setup
  • Lens
  • Drone
  • Light
  • Trolley
  • Shooting Car
  • Gimbal
  • Action Camera
  • Fog Machine
  • Shooting House

Event equipment rent

  • LED Screen
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • LED TV
  • Sound System
  • DJ Music
  • Tent
  • Live Stream Setup
  • Event Lighting
  • CCTV Camera

transportation rent

  • Car Rent
  • Hiace car
  • Pickup
  • Truck
  • Rickshaw for Event
  • Shooting Car
  • Bike
  • Truck
  • Helicopter
  • Covered van

Camera rent

Rent a camera from renthobe and make your work done. We have all types of camera setup for Film, Drama, Documentary, TVC, OVC, Vlog, wedding and any kind of event shoot. We provide camera rent service in Bangladesh with expert camera man or DOP.

Drone rental service in Bangladesh

Drone rental

Make your video more interesting and professional by using drone shot. Nowadays drone is became very popular to use in any kind of video. But drone is not available in the market. You can rent a drone from us, we provide expert Pilot/DOP with drone.

Gimbal rental service in Bangladesh

Gimbal Renthobe

By shooting with a gimbal you can shoot incredible video from various angles. It makes video more professional. We provide latest version of gimbal. If you want to rent a gimbal, you can contact us. We provide different types of gimbal with man and without man.

Laptop rental service in Bangladesh

Laptop rent in Dhaka

We provide high configuration laptop for business and personal use. The laptop rental service is very easy, we provide man for event use and we take document like NID or Passport for personal use. To rent laptop please contact with our team.

LED TV rental service in Bangladesh

LED TV rent in Dhaka

Renthobe provides different sizes of LED TV as Rental Service for any events, fair, trade shows or any other exhibitions. We also provide the LED TV Stand to display in front of your stall or booth. Make your event more colorful with a LED TV.

Projector rental service in Bangladesh

Projector rental service

To project any kind of videos or documents to the audience projector is the necessary equipment. If you don’t have a projector, rent from us. To make your event or program successful we provide high quality projectors.

helicopter rent in bd

Helicopter rent in BD

Rent a helicopter from renthobe for emergency transport, Marriage Ceremony, Visiting Different Places among Bangladesh, Spreading Leaflets, Carrying Passengers, Carrying VIP Guests, Sight viewing and etc

Car rental in BD

We provide car rental service to all over the Bangladesh for corporate and personal use. We ensure the best rate of fare. We are also careful about our passenger, we provide expert driver. Please contact us for any kind of car rental service.

Pickup Rent in dhaka

Pickup rent

To shift your home or any business goods we provide small and big level pickup. Finding a pickup from the market is very inconvenient task. To find a pickup in easy way please contact us.

DJ Service in Dhaka

DJ Music System

DJ Music is one of the most popular entertainments in the present time. Make your event more colorful by arranging a DJ Program. We will help you to organize a DJ program by providing professional DJ artist and DJ Sound System.

Sound System rent in dhaka

Sound System Rent

Small or Big, we provide sound system for all kinds of events like concerts, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and any kind of social events. If want to rent a sound system please contact us, our professional team will help you to arrange a professional event.

Light Rent in dhaka bangladesh

Event Lighting Rentals

Are you looking for lighting solution? We provide all types of lighting system for video shooting, wedding decoration, event lighting, concert lighting and more. To rent a lighting system please contact with us.

Led screen rent in dhaka bangladesh

LED Screen Rent

Looking for LED Screen rent? We provide pro level LED Screen for all kind of events like concerts, conference, meeting etc. We have an expert team to setup LED Screen for small or Big event. We have coverage in whole Bangladesh.

Social Media Live Strem Setup rent

Facebook live stream

Looking for facebook live provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh to roadcast & engage in online. We are providing live broadcasting service to engage people in every social media in Bangladesh with pro level production.

tent rent in dhaka

Tent rent in Dhaka

Rent a tent for a big or small event in Bangladesh. We provide quality tent for any exhibition, fair, event or traveling program. We have available tent for all size event. If you looking to rent a tent please contact us.

CCTV Camera rent in dhaka

CCTV Camera Rent

All kind events need CCTV Camera for security purpose. We prove different types of CCTV camera for any kinds of events or exhibition. We have an expert team to setup CCTV camera in any place within a short time.

Generator rent in dhaka

Generator Rental

To ensure electricity backup in your event you need generator. We are providing various types of generator for all types of events. To rent a generator rent hobe is the best option for you. Please contact us for rent generators.

fog Machine rent in dhaka

Fog smoke machine

Renthobe is providing fog smoke machine as rental service. If you looking for fog machine we can provide the best one in the market. To make your event more colorful, rent fog machine.

"I love Renthobe personally. I took rental service for several times from them. It’s a blessing for our busy life. They made rental service very easier. Now I can rent anything from rent hobe by less than 1 minute. So, love you Renthobe"
Ahsan Mahmud
Ahsan Mahmud
Sr. Business Development - The Daily Star
“It’s a really good initiative in our country. They provide rental service by online. I rented some official equipment for my office, when I was unable to purchase new. Thank you Renthobe for solving my problems"
M Yakub Mizan
M Yakub Mizan

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To make life Easier Renthobe. It’s is an on demand rental service company in Bangladesh. We provide different types of equipment, proprietary, transportation etc. Our available rent item is camera setup (sony, nikon, canon), lens, drone, tripod, gimbal, action camera and camera relented all accessories.

We also provide transportation service, like: Car, Pickup, Truck, Helicopter, Bus etc. We have trained driver to make passenger journey comfortable and ensure there best security.

Renthobe is become a super tool for event manager, they can rent event management equipment on there requirements. We provide all most complete event management solution. Our available evnt management equipment is LED TV, LED Screen, Tent, Live Stream for facebook, youtube and other social media and web platform, Taptop, Tab, Generator, CCTV Camera,  Fog Machine, Stadium, Venue, Stall making equipment, Sound System, DJ Music System, Shooting Light, House lighting, Photography, Videography, Video Edit Panel, laptop, projector and more.

We also offer, office equipment rental service like: Laptop, AC, Chair, Table, PC, Office Space and more.

Rent your needed anything form Renthobe.