Rent a car in Dhaka and all Over Bangladesh is become very Easy!


Renthobe is providing rent a car in Dhaka with the coverage of all over Bangladesh. We cover all the major city like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Rajshahi, Comilla, Feni, Rangpur, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Faridpur, Noakhali, Pabna Cox’s Bazar and more

    on demand rent a car in dhaha

    On Demand Rent a car

    Rent a car in Dhaka for every kind of drive. Be it a short trip to the outskirts of town or a road trip across the country, we have just the car for you. We provide customized plans for car rental in BD. Choose from a wide selection of vehicles to match your style or the size of your group. Make your own rental plan according to your own driving needs. You can make a car rental in Dhaka or anywhere in Bangladesh for the duration of your choosing. Anytime you need a drive, Renthobe is right here!

    Going to a big event, an impromptu trip or just shopping? Book on-demand car rental service from Renthobe and summon your vehicle! Enjoy all the perks of a blissful drive without the hassles of car maintenance. We take care of these things from our end so that you can always have a pleasurable ride with us. If you thing about car rental near me. We deliver your chosen vehicle right on time. You can also rely on our dedicated customer service for instant assistance! renthobe can be a best option for rent a car in Dhaka with all over coverage in Bangladesh.

    daily basis Rent a car in dhaka

    Now you can avail our service on a daily rental basis. Need a car just for the day? Give us a holler! Maybe your plans are several days long. No problem. We got you. You can avoid all the complex packages and payment schemes with RentHobe. Rent a car near me on a day to day based tariff. No hidden charges!

    Are you going to a wedding, a party or a short vacation? Then this plan is just the thing you need. We are redefining rent a car in dhaka by providing practical and precise solutions to your driving needs. With RentHobe, you pay for exactly as many days you need the vehicle for – and not a penny more! It’s convenient, simple and affordable.

    Our rental service is backed by a fully professional customer service team and conflict resolution specialists to help you with any issues you might experience. All our vehicles are fitness tested and cleared before renting out.

    daily basis rent a car in Dhaka
    monthly basis rent a car in Dhaka

    monthly Car Rental Sevice

    Looking for a car rental near you but can’t find one that provides feasible monthly rental packages? Look no further! Rent a car in Dhaka for your monthly transport needs.

    If our daily basis rental or on demand rental doesn’t quite fit your need, our monthly car rental can do the trick. Enjoy a full month of reliable and consistent transportation. Simply choose your vehicle from our broad catalogue of cars and book your rental with us. Rest assured, our vehicle will be available to you right on time! While you enjoy a full month of uninterrupted drives, put your worries of car maintenance to rest. We make sure that all our vehicles are in optimum health and in case of an issue, our support is readily available.

    Book your 24/7 standby monthly car rental with us! Experience a seamless mode of transportation with Rent Hobe.

    Rent a car in dhaka for office use

    Looking for car rental in Dhaka for your employees? Rent a car with us on a daily or monthly basis for your office commute or  business excursions. Rent Hobe provides car rental in BD offices in customizable packages and affordable prices.

    Need a regular mode of transportation for your employees’ commute to and from work? Our monthly package is perfect for you! It’s safe, comfortable and feasible. Depending on the number of your employees, you can choose from a range of vehicles at different prices. Whether your team is small or big, Rent Hobe will find you your perfect fit. Rent a car in Dhaka for office use.

    Perhaps you need a car rental near me, to transport your business personnel to a work event or a rather important meeting? Check out our daily car rental service for corporate use. Renthobe makes your most important days even better with a smooth, hassle-free driving experience. With constant support from us, make your biggest days count!

    rent a car in dhaka for office
    rent a car for shooting

    shooting car rent

    Your shooting is approaching but can’t find reliable car rental near you? Are the vehicles you do find not suitable for your shoot? Or maybe you have found just the perfect vehicle for a scene, but the rental charge is way over budget?

    Say goodbye to all your worries! Rent Hobe comes to the rescue with a big selection of cars to choose from so that everything is flawless during your shoot. Whether you need a car for shooting a scene or to merely transport your crew to the location of a shoot, Rent Hobe covers it all! 

    Rent a car from Rent Hobe and get a hearty ride. With our service, you can cover multiple shooting locations all over Bangladesh, safely transport all your equipment and have a pleasant journey while you are doing it. For your vehicle and transport related shooting needs, contact us to get an amazing quote!